SCPLH (Refresher) – Qualify at Home (webinar)

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Knxia has joined forces with our Awarding Organisation Highfield Qualifications to offer the Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders (Refresher) at SCQF Level 6 digitally which can help keep you up to date and qualified.

This means you can

  • learn and qualify at home, wherever you are and whatever your corcumstances
  • continue with your learning and upskilling without interruption
  • achieve a regulated qualification under exam conditions in your own home

Three steps to qualify remotely:

  1. Webinar – attend an online course virtually
  2. E-assessment – complete an officially regulated assessment on your own PC
  3. Remote invigilation – invigilators ensure exam conditions are achieved


Before booking, make sure you have everything you will need:

  • an isolated area
  • photo ID
  • wi-fi connection
  • access to a personal e-mail account from the device you will use for the exam
  • Laptop or home computer (Windows 7 or higher, Max OSx or higher)
  • a webcam
  • Google Chrome set as your default browser
  • Android smartphone or iPhone with camera and video (Android 4.1 or higher, iOS 8,0 or higher)
  • to be able to download and install a Chrome plugin and a smartphone app


How it works, step by step guide:

  1. register for your online course with Knxia and attend the webinar
  2. agree when you would like to complete your exam (you can choose when to sit the exam at any time after the webinar you attend)
  3. you’ll be sent an email with a link to a system check to make sure your computer meets the requirements (you are advised to complete this check well in advance)
  4. log into the exam at the agreed time
  5. your remote invigilator will check your work space using your phone’s camera to make sure it is suitable
  6. complete your exam on your home computer or laptop (there is a tutorial to complete so you know exactly how the system will work)
  7. you will receive your provisional result instantly when you complete the exam
  8. Knxia will send your regulated qualification eCertificate by email